Asia’s Next Top Model (cycle 5) : Expect The Unexpected ” Full Show “

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The remaining five contestants took part in an extreme photo shoot where they were harnessed in gowns above a Subaru as it performed stunts. They later attended the 2016 Subaru auto show, where they were introduced to the CEO of Subaru, Glenn Tan, along with some former contestants of the show. At elimination, Tu received the highest score and was chosen as the newest ambassador for Subaru. Cindy was originally eliminated after landing in the bottom two with Clara, but was allowed to remain in the competition. Immediately afterwards Cindy Bishop beckoned a new addition, Xiao Qing, to enter the judging room. Xiao Qing’s exact role in the show however, was not revealed.

  • Featured photographer: Kevin Ou
  • Special guests: Russ Swift, Daniel Boey, Bobby Tonelli, Glenn Tan, Natalie Pickles, Monika Sta. Maria, Tawan Kedkong

Episode 10: The Girls Who Became Friends (and Foes)

First aired June 7, 2017[8]
Aired online June 8, 2017

This episode recapped the entire cycle, and showed previously unaired footage for the first time. It was also revealed that Xiao Qing would serve as an undercover judge for the cycle, having entered as a ‘new’ contestant.

Episode 11: The Girl Who Threatens The Competition

First aired June 14, 2017[9]
Aired online June 15, 2017

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