Asia’s Next Top Model (cycle 5) : Expect The Unexpected ” Full Show “

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The remaining contestants were split into teams of two in a social media challenge for Zalora, which was ultimately won by Cindy. The models later took on their next photo shoot, which came in the form of a video campaign for the brand where they were paired off into teams once again. At panel, the girls were surprised with the news of a double elimination, which saw Dorothy and Valerie leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Kevin Ou
  • Special guests: Kim Cam Jones, Rayne Reed, Kevin Ou

Episode 8: The Girl Who Needs To Grow Up

First aired May 24, 2017[6]
Aired online May 25, 2017

The remaining six contestants had a go-sees challenge, which was won by Tu, before being photographed by Yu Tsai in a photo shoot with a male model where they had to convey power and seduction. At elimination, Clara and Veronika landed in the bottom two, and Veronika became the ninth contestant to leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Yu Tsai
  • Special guests: Daniel Boey, Audrey Ong, Kevin Seah, Pavan J. Singh, Cheryl Wee, Dominic Lau, Joel Willfors

Episode 9: The Girl Who Raised The Stakes

First aired May 31, 2017[7]
Aired online June 1, 2017

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